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A List of the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami for Your Information


Miami is a well-known tourist destination for Americans and foreigners who love the beach life and the nightlife. Before you visit the place, make sure to plan your visit well and read ahead for some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami.

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Miami is a popular destination for tourists in America, especially if one is a fan of nightlife and beaches. Florida city is home to many different tourist destinations in the US, but, this is also one of the more dangerous cities in the country. If you ever plan to visit, make sure to avoid the places listed in this list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami.


Pips Island has made their list of some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. Let us take a trip and see what places you generally need to avoid to stay safe during your vacation.


  • OVERTOWN. The first in the list of most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami is Overtown. This is one of the most notorious neighborhoods when it comes to gang activities, drug use, and violence. This area’s violent crime rate is 124% higher than the national average. It is one of the neighborhoods that people tend to avoid even during the daytime as mass shootings tend to happen on a regular basis in this area.

  • LIBERTY CITY. The 2nd in this list of most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. This is officially known as Model City, however this does not live up to its name as the residents here have to deal with a lot of violent crimes, most especially in the “ghetto” part of the town. Homicide rates have been steadily growing since 2011, and that is not a good look. If anything, it is best to stick together with other people, especially women, as rape is also a big issue in this area.

  • OPA-LOCKA. The third in the list of most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. This area has a very high property and violent crime rate. This area is currently in a state of flux. This area may turn out to be a good neighborhood in years’ time but it could also be a place of nightmare, depending on what happens in real estate investments.


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Before you go on vacation in this town, make sure that you have planned your itineraries well, and that the places you visit have been well-researched to keep yourself and others safe.


  • DOWNTOWN MIAMI. The fourth in this list of most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. To tourists this area is famous for the nightlife and clubs. However, high crime is what this hotspot is known for, especially to its local residents. The number of violent crimes here are so high, that murders, robberies, rape, and assault are common here. Crime rate here is 308% higher than the national average.


  • WYNWOOD. Wynwood is the fifth in this list of most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. This is a bit of a strange neighborhood as crimes here go unreported. That is part of the reputation in this area as hard numbers that people get here are unreliable. However, this area’s property crime rate is 285% higher than national average.


  • LITTLE HAITI. The sixth in this list of most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami is Little Haiti. Even though this place is famous for delicious Caribbean cuisine, it is not exactly safe for tourists. Violent and gang activities are common here. The violent crime rate here is 200% higher than national average, with gun violence, as the leading crime.


  • UPPER EASTSIDE.  Upper Eastside is the last in this list of most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. When in New York, when you are from upper east side, it is a bragging right. However, in Miami, it means that you are dealing with a lot of violence and property crime. Violent crimes here are 98% higher than the national average. This area has a lot of socioeconomic strife, a reason why this area is dangerous.


Miami in general is not a safe city. Before you visit, make sure to research about the safest places for tourists and avoid the places that are listed above. Stay safe out there, folks!

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