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Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities That You Need to be Aware Of


Louisiana is a soup pot for various cultures and influences. Mixing a French roux with Creole, African, Spanish, and German dashes.


There is so much more to this boot shaped state than Gators and Gumbos. Louisiana is bordered by Texas to the west, Mississippi to the east, and topped by Arkansas. Louisiana always has had a dark side, but the recent jump in crime statistics may be due to migration, social, or economic pressure. Keep reading to know more about Louisiana’s most dangerous cities.


According to Travel Safe Abroad, this historic hub of pirates and merchants ranked first in the US for murders. People in the state has a 1 inn 47 chance of encountering violent crimes. Here is a list of Louisiana’s most dangerous cities that were compiled by Travel Safe Abroad.


1. OPELOUSAS. The 1st in Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities. This place has a sordid past, as this was once a haven for gambling and prostitution. Opelousas is the second of the most dangerous cities in the state. Opelousas ranks 11th in the state for rapes, and 4th for murders. Opelousas also is the 1st in the state for property crimes. 


2. ALEXANDRIA. 2nd in the list of Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities. This mid sized town has a darker side. The widespread criminal activity in this city is the reason as to why this is part of the list. Residents here have reported 7,3000 per 100,000 property crimes last year which was almost 3 times the average in the state. Violent crimes have been reported with 1,800 incidents per 100,000.


3. MONROE. Monroe is the 3rd in this list of Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities. Monroe is known for its violent crime rate, this has the highest violent crime rates in the state, where residents have a 1 in 147 chance of being a victim to violence. This place also has a high property vandalism rate and theft rate at 5,616 per 100,000.

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These statistics do not necessarily mean that every city in the state is with danger, or that big cities are blanketed with criminals and should be avoided. In fact, wise planning and foresight, you can enjoy some of Louisiana’s safe cities.


4. HAMMOND. This is the 4th in the list of Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities. Over the past few years this city has inched its way up the list and is now recognized as Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities. FBI crime data tells that there are 1345 incidents if violent crimes per 100,000. This is three times than the national average.


5. MARSKVILLE. This is the fifth in the list of Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities. The chances of being a victim of crime here is 1 in 14. Residents here have a 1 in 63 probability of encountering violent crimes. Property crimes includes petty theft with 1 in 18 chance of being a victim.


6. BASTROP. This is the last of the list in Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities. This maintains one of the highest crime rates in the state and the country. Crime rate is 7,800 per 100,000. The highest type of crime reported here is murder. Residents also have a 1 in 13 chance of victim to theft. So while you are waiting for a cup of tea, keep an eye for your stuff.


Now that you are aware of some of Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities, may you plan ahead of your trip if you ever want to visit the state. Keep in mind the cities in this list and try to stay away from them during your trip. Stay safe out there, folks!

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