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August 2023 Brings the Celestial Spectacle: The Only Blue Moon of 2023 Promises to Illuminate the Night Sky

Silhouette of a big mighty oak against blue moon"Elements of this image furnished by NASA "

August 2023 Brings the Celestial Spectacle: The Only Blue Moon of 2023 Promises to Illuminate the Night Sky

Blue Moon — What is it and when is the next one? | Space

This week, the Blue Moon of 2023 in August ascends, providing sky enthusiasts with an additional celestial delight in the form of another supermoon. (Photo: Space)

Skywatchers Rejoice: The Blue Moon of 2023 Shines Bright in August, Bringing Another Supermoon Delight!

According to a Space article, the upcoming Blue Moon of 2023, set to grace the night sky, is poised to be a celestial marvel. To catch a glimpse, simply direct your gaze eastward shortly after sunset, and you’ll be treated to the most prominent and expansive moon of the year. This particular lunar occurrence is significant for a variety of reasons. Notably, it earns the title of a Blue Moon, denoting its status as the third full moon in a season featuring four full moons, as officially recognized by NASA.

What’s more, this Blue Moon of 2023 marks the second full moon of August, following the Full Sturgeon Moon that enchanted stargazers on August 1, resulting in stunning astrophotography from around the world. Furthermore, this Blue Moon holds the distinction of being a supermoon, signifying its alignment with perigee, the point in the moon’s orbit when it comes closest to Earth. While this proximity will render it slightly larger than usual, the naked eye might not readily discern the approximately 7% increase in size.

Enhancing the celestial spectacle, the Blue Moon of 2023 will share the heavens with a special guest: Saturn. The majestic ringed gas giant will have recently passed opposition, the moment when it lines up directly opposite the sun as viewed from Earth. This alignment will make Saturn exceptionally bright in the night sky. For observers in the New York City area, Saturn will adorn the constellation Aquarius, positioned above and to the right of the moon. Conversely, for those in the Southern Hemisphere, Saturn will appear below the moon, creating a captivating celestial display.

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Exact Date and Preparation Guide: Witness the Spectacular Night Sky of the Blue Moon of 2023

According to an Inverse article, the only Blue Moon of 2023 is set to grace the night sky on Wednesday, August 30. It will make its appearance shortly after the end of evening twilight. But if your Wednesday forecast isn’t promising, fear not! The Moon will appear full for three magical nights, spanning from Tuesday night to Friday morning.

If you’re eager to capture an up-close view of the Blue Moon of 2023, our comprehensive guide to the best binoculars is the perfect starting point. For those aspiring to explore the lunar surface’s intricate details, our guide to the finest telescopes will help you pinpoint the optical equipment that suits your needs.

However, if your ambition is to capture stunning photographs of the moon or the night sky in general, we have you covered. Delve into our guides on how to expertly photograph the moon, along with recommendations for the best cameras and lenses for astrophotography.

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