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Killing His Ex-wife at Home, the Ex-‘Family Feud’ Competitor Gets a Sentence.

The shadow of the Murderer (PHOTO: ISTOCKPHOTO)

A former contestant on the well-known television game show “Family Feud” was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted guilty of first-degree murder of  killing his ex-wife and home invasion in connection with the death of his estranged wife in western Illinois.

The life sentence is waiting for killing the wife. (PHOTO: Istockphoto)

According to court documents, Timothy Bliefnick, 39, during a hearing in Adams County Circuit Court in Quincy, was given three consecutive life terms on Friday because of killing his ex-wife.

According to NBC affiliate WGEM, Adams County Judge Robert Adrian said: “You researched this murder, you planned this murder, you practiced this murder, you broke into her house and you shot her. Most of the shots were fired while on the ground, she was laying. And it happened all while your children were upstairs at your house, laying in their beds.” The consequence is heavy for killing his ex-wife.

After Rebecca Bliefnick, 41, forgot to pick up her children from school, a family member discovered her shot-up body inside her Quincy home. It all happened because of the planned killing of his ex-wife.

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According to Bliefnick, his estranged wife had been a victim of a brutal house invasion. The nurse, 41, had received 14 close-range shots. This is a brutal way of killing his ex-wife.

In May, during his four-day trial, the prosecution refuted the defendant’s statements by pointing out that investigators had discovered damning evidence against him in killing his ex-wife, including internet searches for “how to break into a window with a crowbar” and “how to make a homemade gun silencer.” These were the plan for killing his ex-wife.

They said that on February 14, when he saw another man’s automobile parked in front of her residence, he became enraged and attacked her. He was jealous that he planned for killing his ex-wife.

Prosecutors claim that Tim returned to the neighboring rental home where he was living and looked for the car’s license plate after riding his bicycle to Becky’s house on the evening of February 14 and spotting a strange car there.

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