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Most Dangerous Areas in Colorado you need to know.

Photography of the Denver Skyline at Sunset with snowy winter peaks in distance. (Photo: IStock)

Colorado is known for its illustrious heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and wide variety of outdoor activities.

Downtown Denver, Colorado at night. (Photo: IStock)

According to SouthWest Journal, However, the state’s appeal goes beyond the typical tourist attractions.

Tourists can visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park in the San Luis Valley, which is home to the tallest sand dune in the United States, or they can take delight in the world’s largest hot springs swimming pool.

Due to these alluring characteristics, Colorado’s population has grown significantly in recent years, reaching 5.8 million by 2022.

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Additionally, Colorado is ranked second in the US for crimes involving property.

According to Property Club, The majority of Americans associate Colorado with skiing and mountain peaks, not with crime. Even though Colorado is not the most dangerous state, several of its cities nevertheless have higher crime rates than the national average. Discover the most dangerous areas in Colorado by reading on.

1. Grand Junction

Grand Junction experiences a criminal incidence every 3 hours, 13 minutes on average.
Grand Junction has a D+ crime rating, which indicates that it has a higher crime rate than the national average and places it in the 29th percentile for overall security.
Grand Junction has one of the highest crime rates in the country, while having a population of under 70,000, with 49 crimes committed for every 1000 residents.

2. Aurora

In 2020, there were frighteningly high crime rates in the city, with 2,890 property offenses and 728 violent offenses per 100,000 people.
According to the FBI, Aurora is one of the most dangerous cities in the state, therefore travelers are advised to take extra security measures.
The city poses a medium overall risk, notably in relation to pickpocketing, natural disasters, muggings, and female travelers traveling alone.
Nevertheless, serious crimes like mugging and assault happen often in Aurora.

3. La Junta

The city receives a F for safety due to its average crime rate of 84.67 per 1000 residents.
Locals claim that the northwest area is the safest, while the central neighborhoods are the most dangerous, where there is a one in ten risk of becoming a victim of crime.
La Junta’s violent crime rate is 18.2, which is lower than the national average of 22.7, which includes property and homicide offenses.

4. Alamosa

With 59 crimes committed per 1000 population, the city has one of the highest crime rates in the country.
Despite having fewer than 10,000 residents, Alamosa has a significantly higher rate of violent and property crime than comparable cities its size.
Alamosa has one of the highest crime rates in the nation, putting its citizens and visitors at a 1 in 127 risk of being victims of property crimes such armed robbery, serious assault, rape, and even murder.

5. Pueblo

Pueblo has a crime rate of 70 crimes per 1000 residents, making it more risky than 98% of the localities in the state.
Pueblo may potentially be one of the top 100 most hazardous places in the nation, according to some statistics.
1 in 14 people are victims of property crimes, according to statistics.
Pueblo, Colorado, which has a population of 112,368 and averages 12.65 violent crimes and 57.42 property crimes, is just 1% safer than other American towns.

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