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Most Dangerous Cities in Arkansas – A List for a Safe Travel


If ever you were looking to visit or travel to the state, we have made a list of some of the most dangerous cities in Arkansas.

A list for Arkansas’ most dangerous cities. (Photo:

Whenever you travel or visit a place, no matter how beautiful or surreal it is, you must always be aware that not everything or every place is going to be safe. It is always good to be keen whenever you travel or visit. That’s why in this list, we will show you some of the most dangerous cities in Arkansas. If you ever were planning to visit the state.

According to Southwest Journal, they have compiled the most dangerous cities in Arkansas. How about we look into the list, as well.

The first in the list of the most dangerous cities in Arkansas is Osceola in the Mississippi County. Despite the small size, this city has a high crime rate particularly in violent crimes. However, the city has been working to address the crimes through different initiatives, including community policing and youth engagement programs.

Helena-West Helena is the second in the list of the most dangerous cities in Arkansas. This city has a high crime rate, and just like Osceola, violent crimes are the top crimes here. Efforts are being made to battle the crime rates and improve the quality of life for the residents. This includes increased police presence and community outreach programs. 

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While there are safe spots in Arkansas, there are also unsafe places that you need to know.

The next on the list of the most dangerous cities in Arkansas, according to House Grail, is West Memphis. This city has a lower crime rate than the previous cities, however it still is much higher than most cities in the states. Although, people may be convinced to move here as schools and housing situations are rated much higher than most crime communities. 

The fourth in the most dangerous cities in Arkansas is the state capital, Little Rock. Because this is the state capital of Arkansas, the rate of crimes is high. Although the crime rate is high, schools usually have pretty good ratings, and the city is diverse. It might not be safe but with everything else that the city has to offer, you will not be disappointed. The fifth most dangerous cities in Arkansas are El Dorado. Violent and property crimes are much higher in this city. Assaults, murders, and robberies are common in this city. However, the place is best for free-spirited people, as there are many artists and musicians drawn in the town. 

The sixth in the list of most dangerous cities in Arkansas is Hot Springs. The violent rate crime may be high, but the property rate is much higher. Although it might not be as dangerous as some places, the property crime rate is extremely high. A person might likely be involved in a theft or a similar crime if you ever plan to visit the place. The last in the list of the most dangerous cities in Arkansas, is Fordyce. Fordyce is the smallest town in all of Arkansas. However, it might be the smallest but that does not keep the violent crime rate or the property crime rate low. The main industry in this small town is logging, which provides a low income. This may be a reason as to why crime rate is high. There isn’t much to do here, as this is a retirement community.

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