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Most Dangerous Cities in Kansas: For Your Information


The state’s capital is Topeka, while its largest city is Wichita.


The state of Kansas is a mix of safety in rural and urban areas. Kansas sits in virtually in the center of the US, bordered by Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Kansas is considered as a landlocked state on the eastern edge of the Great Plains.


Travel Safe-Abroad has released their list of the most dangerous cities in Kansas. According to the FBI Crime Data, Kansas ranks as the 16th most dangerous. The violent crime rate here is the 19th highest in the nation, with 12,300 per 100,000. Kansas reported property crimes rank at 17 in the country at 61,029 per 100,000.


Let us look at the most dangerous cities in Kansas by Travel Safe-Abroad below:


INDEPENDENCE. The first in the list of the most dangerous cities in Kansas is Independence. This city is known as the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Neewollah Festival, a Halloween celebration. Outside of festivities, 1094 per 100,000 violent crimes and 4128 per 100,000 property crimes were reported. There is a 1 in 24 chance of falling victim by theft or burglary. And 1 in 91 chance of being a victim of rape, assault, or worse.


PARSONS. The 2nd in the list of the most dangerous cities in Kansas. Violent crimes in this city has reached 917 per 100,000 and property reports 4,064 per 100,000. Residents in this small rural town have 1 in 139 chance of being a victim of any crime.


LOLA. Lola is the 3rd in the list of most dangerous cities in Kansas. This city is a mix of good and not-so-good. This city is a historic, community-based town, but this seemingly peaceful community has a significant relative crime rate that has been climbing higer over the past few years. Residents here have a 1 in 30 chance of property crime and 1 in 162 chance of being victim of violent crime – both huger than the national average. Rape and assault are 4 times higher than the state average.


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It is expected for larger cities to have higher reported crime rates, however Kansas statistics may surprise visitors and residents.


FORT SCOTT. Fort Scott is the fourth in the list of most dangerous cities in Kansas. This was initally an army post during the Civil War. This is primarily rural with 7,700 people residing. Residents have a 1 in 327 chance of being a viictime of any crime. Regstering twice Kansas’ average, there is a 1 in 44 chance of being a victim of propety crime. This city has 3,538 per 100,00 reported property crime.


MERRIAM. This small and vibrant village is the fifth in this list of most dangerous cities in Kansas. Merriam’s violent crime rates have dropped ober the past few years, hoevwer, there is still a chance of being a victim of prooert crime.


COFFEYVILLE. This town known for action and independence is the 6th in this list of most dangerous cities in Kansas. This town’s 9,200 residents face a challenge as this city has been ranked as one of Kansas’ poorest places. Someone is twice as likely to be victimized by violent crime than any other parts in the state.


GARDEN CITY. This 28,000 resident community is the 7th in the list of most dangerous cities in Kansas. This town reported violent crime data of 527 per 100,00. Garden City has nine times more property crimes that the state average, with a disturbing percentage of Arson.


MISSON. This small but vibrant town is the last in the list of most dangerous cities in Kansas. This neighborhood is among Kansas’ most dangerous. Property crime report a disturbingly large number of thefts, with 4,880 per 100,000.


The best way to protect yourselves when traveling and visiting Kansas is to be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are visiting the places in this list. Stay safe out there, folks!


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