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Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada – the Other Side of the Silver State


Find out the most dangerous cities in Nevada that you might need to avoid when visiting or moving.


Nevada has its fair share of dangerous places. If you plan to move to the state, read this list of the most dangerous cities in Nevada.


According to Road Snacks, most of the state’s crime is centered around bigger cities like Las Vegas and Reno. Maybe its the tourists or maybe its the locals, that they are not entirely sure. If you want to find out the most dangerous cities in Nevada, take a look at the list below:


  1. CARLIN. Carlin is known for its historical ties to the Gold Rush. The city has maintained its frontier life is rough and tumble image. And that is not good for residents who want to enjoy whata the city has to offer. This being the first in this list of the most dangerous cities in Nevada is because residents have a 1 in 151 chance of being a victim of violent crime. Howvwer, property crime isnt so bad, but it may be safe to triple lock your doors.


  1. RENO. Reno is the biggest little city in the world, and it is also the second most dangerous cities in Nevada. While violent crime has been improving in Reno, it is advised to keep an eye out while you walk out. However, Reno also still have the fourth highest violent crime rate in the state.


  1. WINNEMUCCA. The third in this list of the most dangerous cities in Nevada’s crime rate has actually gone down over the last year. The city is not all that violent; however, it had the fifth highest property crime in Nevada, including the second highest burglary rate.

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  1. WES WENDOVER. The fourth in this list of most dangerous cities in Nevada sounds like it is a quaint town in England, but if you ever were to book a trip here and is looking for cottages, manors, and tea times, then you may have been scammed. This is actually a desert community in the northeast of Nevada. When you are here, you might want to keep driving as the city suffers from a frightening crime problem, and is the number 1 highest pace of violent crimes in the state.


  1. ELKO. This heart of the Northeast Nevada is the fifth in the most dangerous cities in Nevada to live in. While the oevrrall violent crime rate does not rank in the top 5 in the state, the rate of rape cases is the 6th highest statewide. This city is also dubbed as the murder capital of Nevada, as it recorded the highest rate of homicides anywhere in the state.


  1. LAS VEGAS. It might not come as a surprise that Las Vegas is part of this list of the most dangerous cities in Nevada as Sin City is home to a lot of resorts and casinos that bring tourists from around the world. Las Vegas has big issues with violent crrime, like having the eighth highest rape and third highest murder in the state.


  1. SPARKS. Sparks is the neighbor of Nevada and is the 5th biggest and 7th most dangerous cities in Nevada. While there are a lot of fun activities in this city, it is advised to lock up your valuables because property crime here is the 6th in Nevada. Residents have to deal with high rates of burglary, rape, and murder, which ranks in the top 10 in the state.

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