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Sales Tax Holiday Is Happening This Weekend In Oklahoma – Check Eligible Items Here!

Sales Tax Holiday Is Happening This Weekend In Oklahoma (Photo: iStock)


This weekend will be the Sales Tax Holiday in Oklahoma.

Sales Tax Holiday Is Happening This Weekend In Oklahoma (Photo: iStock)

The first day of Oklahoma’s Sales Tax Holiday weekend starts today.

In a report published by ALVA REVIEW-COURIER, families receive some financial assistance over the Sales Tax Holiday weekend to aid with back-to-school apparel purchases. Customers in Oklahoma can purchase any item of apparel or footwear without paying sales tax as long as it costs less than $100 because it is Sales Tax Holiday. Any accessories, specialized attire, or footwear made particularly for athletic usage or protective use and not typically worn are not covered by this.

For Oklahomans, the Sales Tax Holiday weekend is almost approaching. While it’s a great chance for shoppers to save a ton of money, there is a catch.

All retailers must participate in the Sales Tax Holiday and may not charge tax on tax-exempt items. Raincheck purchases redeemed after the Sales Tax Holiday, on the other hand, are taxable.

Another thing to keep in mind as you go out the door and hit up those merchants, said Emily Haxton, Press Liasion for the Oklahoma Tax Commission, “School supplies do not qualify for tax-free weekend; they must be under $100.”

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The first weekend in August is when Oklahoma has its annual Sales Tax Holiday weekend, which started in 2007. The holiday falls on Aug. 4-6 this year and ends at midnight on Aug. 6 on Sunday.

In a report published by FOX 25, Keedo Clothes is one local business that specialized in a lot of those goods that are eligible for the Sales Tax Holiday weekend. As important as the tax break is for consumers, local businesses also benefit, according to owner Kelly Smith.

It’s just really, really essential in this day and age to keep your money local and support your local stores because a lot of people are struggling, she added. “Even if you don’t shop with us, try to shop local,” she advised.

Smith asserted that she believes the Sales Tax Holiday break also promotes more spending.

“I think it’s an incentive for people to go out,” she added, “and then, as I said, it just makes them buy a little bit more because it’s Sales Tax Holiday.”

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